1/2 case of Silk Starr Toilet Paper (24 Rolls)

$17.50 $24.99


💫  100% wood pulp

💫  Septic safe

💫  Affordable

💫  Bio-degradable

This is our most popular sale because let's face it, toilet paper is ALWAYS needed.  1/2 case contains 2 packs of 12 rolls. 24 rolls of durable, reliable, non-quilted, septic safe toilet paper. It really is a no brainer, we here at Silk Starr "Take the thinking out of stinking"

The Silk Starr Toilet Paper has a unique weave texture that allows you to clean surfaces in a much better way compared to your conventional toilet paper!

Moreover, you can avoid any unnecessary queues or lines whenever you are trying to get a set of toilet papers as we provide toilet paper deliveries right at your door step! 

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