taking the thinkin out of stinkin

Silk Starr, a Black-owned company aimed to revolutionize the toilet paper industry by offering top-quality at affordable prices. No more settling for scratchy subpar toilet paper.

Thousands of customers have fallen in love with our selection of toilet paper products, but don’t take their word for it - take your own. Join the Silk Starr revolution and experience the difference for yourself.

Silk Starr is bio-degradable and septic safe.

Technically speaking, all toilet paper is biodegradable because it’s made from natural materials whether it’s wood pulp from virgin forests or recycled paper. That said, standard toilet paper will typically biodegrade much more slowly than true biodegradable toilet paper, and it will take more water to break down as well.

Silk Starr is Durable!

Bills are high and overwhelming, last thing you need to concern yourself with is paying for extra water to break down toilet paper. Additionally, unlike traditional toilet paper, biodegradable toilet paper is not quilted and naturally septic-safe. Since it’s not as bulky breaks down 4 times faster, and takes up less space in your septic tank. We Heard You!

Silk Starr is now delivering in the jersey for free with the purchase of 5 cases and up.

Wholesale and bulk rates are available to fit any budget! 2 to 50 cases are available for delivery in New Jersey's northern region. Essex, Union, Bergen, Middlesex and Hudson counties are included.


Thousands of people have fallen in love with our Silk Starr Toilet Paper, but don’t take their word for it - take your own.